Student Support Services

We Respect the Uniqueness of All People in Our Community

At Our Lady’s Academy, every child is unique and has different needs.  We work hard to ensure each child is supported in the way that best fits their needs.  In addition to teachers who get to know their students on an individual basis, additional staff is in place to go beyond the in-classroom needs of some of our students.  Our Special Education Teacher focuses on IEPs and our Guidance Counselor assists with high school applications as well as social and emotional challenges that students may have on any given school day.

Special Education Support Services

Our special education teacher provides direct service in both the small group and inclusion settings of the students with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans). As the liaison, this teacher works closely with teams of all grade levels to plan and deliver specialized instruction to meet the needs of all students. The teacher consults weekly with classroom teachers and outside service providers. The special education teacher attends IEP meetings on and off site for: initial, annual and three year reevaluation meetings. At that time, progress and feedback on the student’s goals and objectives are provided. In order to provide effective specialized instruction, data is collected and analyzed and progress is monitored triannually through the use of reports that are sent home to families. Ongoing communication with families of students, communicating both the concerns and strengths of the child are paramount. Within small group settings, a safe and creative learning environment for students to feel comfortable taking academic risks is created. During that pull-out direct service time, students work closely with the teacher who provides a preview and review of material taught across the curriculum. This academic support time provides an additional layer of support for students to access the curriculum. Modifications and accommodations of the child’s IEP are carried out throughout the academic school day.

Counselling and Guidance Support Services

The Guidance Counselor works with the eighth graders and families as they make their transition to high school and has created an extensive program to support students and families through this transition process. The Guidance Counsellor provides training to eighth graders on interview skills and sets up a Mock Interview with each eighth grader so they have the chance to practice interviewing and get feedback before they interview at any schools. The Guidance Counselor offers informational sessions with parents. Students and parents are offered support and guidance throughout the high school application process. The Guidance Counselor completes Recommendation Forms for every student who applies to high school. The Guidance Counselor also prepares the Transcripts that need to be sent or uploaded to the various high schools for our students.

In addition to the above, the Guidance Counselor provides a variety of services including:  individual meetings with children, group meetings with students, consultation with teachers, parent meetings, crisis intervention and Admissions work, including participation at Open Houses. The Guidance Counselor works closely with teachers and also goes into classes to discuss social issues, such as friendship issues on an as needed basis throughout the year. The Guidance Counselor also participates in assemblies. The Guidance Counselor works closely with the Principal on various issues throughout the year.

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